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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

can be formed with 49% shareholding of expatriates whereas 51% shareholding shall be in favour of local UAE National. All businesses require a license and licensing procedures vary from Emirate to Emirate. Specific information is available at individual Chambers of Commerce:
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Ajman Chamber of Commerce
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Fujairah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Ras Al Khaimah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Umm al-Qaiwain

Key Industries

which goes for LLC formation are:
  • Construction services
  • Materials and supplies
  • Defense – Aerospace
  • Energy – Alternative Energy
  • Professional services
  • Select tourism products/services
  • High end hotel brands
  • Creative/profitable arts and culture entertainment products
  • High end, strongly – branded medical service providers and cutting edge products
These are if a company:
  • Practices a regulated profession.
  • Requires a lot of visas or warehouse/office space.
  • Plans a long presence in the United Arab Emirates and wants to reach a wider portion of the UAE market.
  • Has a particular UAE company or individual with which to go into partnership.
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LLC – License Type General Trading Specific Trading Professional License
Trade License Govt. Fees (To be Paid On Actual) AED 25,000 to AED 30,000* Approximately AED 10,000 to AED 15,000* Approximately AED 10,000 to AED 15,000* Approximately
Minimum Capital AED 300,000 (Waived Off) AED 300,000 (Waived Off) AED 300,000 (Waived Off)
Office Lease Agreement To Be Provided from Clients End. To Be Provided from Clients End. To Be Provided from Clients End.
Time Frame 1- 2 Weeks 1- 2 Weeks 1- 2 Weeks
Govt. Fees for Immigration & Labor Card AED.3000/-* Approximately AED.3000/-* Approximately AED.3000/-* Approximately
Partner’s Visa Deposit AED.10000/-* – Refundable AED.10000/-* – Refundable AED.10000/-* – Refundable
Govt. Fees for Partners Visa AED.1500/-* Approximately AED.1500/-* Approximately AED.1500/-* Approximately
Other Visa Related Charges AED.5000/-* Approximately AED.5000/-* Approximately AED.5000/-* Approximately
Time Frame for Partners Visa 1 Week* 1 Week* 1 Week*
Local Sponsor** - - -

Our Professional Service Fees are tailored made option as per the requirement of the Clients,
  • Professional Package – AED.7,000/- (Includes- Assisting in Renewal or obtainment of the New License)
  • Executive Package – AED.10,000/- (Includes- Assisting in Trade License, Notary Public, Chamber of Commerce, Municipality Approval, Name & Initial Approval)
  • Diamond Package – AED.15,000/- (Includes – Assisting in Trade License, Notary Public, Chamber of Commerce, Municipality Approval, Name & Initial Approval, All PRO Services*)
*All the Government Fees would be paid by the Clients on the Actual Amount generated as the time of the Registration process and the Obtainment of the License as they are subject to change.
**Nominee arrangement is normally available with UAE national to hold these mandatory shares in his name in favour of the expatriate partner. We provide such UAE national for holding 51% shares as a nominee. This would provide effective total control to manage the company and enjoy all profits. The L.L.C shall have specific activities as per classification made by the Department of Economic Development, Dubai. In this regard, please note that only one category of activities are being given to one company. The company cannot have multiple activities except in General Trading. L.L.C. is perhaps the only type of entity available to foreign investors for trading and manufacturing concerns. Note: Local Sponsor Charges are variable as it depends on the criteria of Licenses.

Documents Required:
  • Passport Copy with validity 6 months for each partner
  • No objection letter from the existing sponsor if the applicant is a resident of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Lease Agreement of the Office Premises.
  • Suggested Name of the Company at least give 3 options.
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