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Offshore Incorporation Services:

Offshore Incorporation Services

helps you to run your business or asset ownership in the Middle East in the most profitable manner. Especially because you avoid the cumbersome process of having the off shore incorporation company documents attested by various embassies and Ministries of Foreign Affairs!

For your Offshore Incorporation Services in UAE, there exist many service providers offering a competitive offshore package. Such packages include services for operating your business, hiring local employees, entering into agreements, renting of office space, selling goods and company services, drafting contracts and offering investments, taxation and banking advice.

As UAE Offshore Incorporation Services requires an agent, you will need to choose one in order to register your company. The offshore package offered by any service provider stipulates that the agent representing the service provider would act as a link between the newly formed offshore enterprise and the local government.

Advantages and regulations:

  • The capital of the company can be any amount divided into any denomination.
  • The minimum number of shareholders and directors is one.
  • All shares must be fully paid when allocated and no bearer shares or differential classes of shares are allowed. However, there is no requirement to deposit the capital in bank.
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted and 100% tax and duty exemption exists on UAE off shore incorporation companies.
  • Opening a corporate bank account in a bank at Dubai, UAE is permitted.
  • A registered agent (legal firms, auditors, consultants) is required to be appointed by the Company from the approved list of registered agents maintained by UAE Free Zone.
  • The Offshore domicile is located in the UAE Free Zone.
  • The investors need not visit the authority to incorporate the company, however the documents need to be signed in the registered agent's office.

The off-shore regulations have been issued according to new international standards and companies will have to register minimum one director per company, keep financial records and issue an annual financial report audited by a professional auditing company. Each company must hold annual general meetings (possible also by proxy) and in short perform and act as a normal company. The company regulations have been made out in strict conformity with new anti-money laundering measurements. Capital No minimum required, however a minimum of AED 10,000 (US$2,700) is recommended to begin with.


Total fees shall be

US$ 5,000/-

including government fees and our professional fees per annum to act as a Registered agent, subsequent annual renewal fee

US$ 2,000/-

Required Documents:

The following documents are required for formation of the offshore company:

For individuals:

  1. C.V. (personal profile) of shareholders and directors
  2. Passport copy of shareholders and directors
  3. Bank Reference (format enclosed) statement of the shareholder
  4. NOC from the employers if the shareholder is employed in the UAE.

For Companies:

If the shareholder is a non-individual, following documents of that company are required which are to be notarized and attested as below.
  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  3. Board Resolution for investment in the offshore co. and appointing a legal rep. to act and sign on behalf of the company.

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Offshore Incorporation Services

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