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is set to quickly become a leading investment hub within the thriving UAE economy. Offering a highly customised approach, coupled with efficient international service standards and cost-effective solutions.

Benefits of IFZA
  • Cost effective business incorporation solutions
  • Fast & easy incorporation and company management
  • Wide and comprehensive range of business activities including Consultancy, Service and Trading options.
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Business owners are not required to be physically present during the incorporation process
  • Companies have limited liability
  • 100% exemption from corporate and income taxes
  • Zero foreign currency restrictions
  • Full repatriation of company profits and capital
  • Low set-up costs
  • No physical office requirements
  • No share capital requirement
  • Ability to incorporate holding companies
Company Set-Up

IFZA presents several license options that can effectively serve small local to large international businesses:
  • Consultancy License
    Business professionals providing expert and professional consultancy services across all industries.
  • Service License
    Allows service providers production, re-production, transformation and distribution of services. Service license includes rendering services as the primary objective and utilizing associated goods to provide those services.
  • Trading License
    Authorises the import, export, distribution and storing of items specified on the license.
  • General Trading License
    This enables the licensee to trade in a wider range of activities and gives the freedom and flexibility to trade in any commodity which is permitted within the UAE.
  • Industrial License
    This enables the licensee to import raw materials, then production, re-production, manufacture, package the specified products, and finally export.
  • Holding License
    It allows the holding standalone assets and/or shares in other companies. Holding companies are commonly for controlling other companies and entities, property & real estate, stocks, assets, trademarks and patents.

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