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Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ)

business park was initiated to cater to the market demand for outsourcing companies. DOZ supports Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), HR Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, back office and call center operations.

Strategically located to link the eastern and the western markets, DOZ provides a perfect base for outsourcing operations for companies offering mid to high-end outsourcing services. From Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services like customer call centre support, accounting and billing, sales and business development, human resources, payroll processing, DOZ has created a platform in which outsourcing companies are able to adopt a customer-focused attitude and better understand customer needs.

Dubai Outsource Zone is the first Free Zone in the world dedicated to the outsourcing industry. DOZ provides a comprehensive infrastructure and environment for companies that wish to set up outsourcing business in the UAE.

Companies located at DOZ also enjoy a host of Free Zone benefits including 100 per cent ownership, absence of corporate and personal income taxes or customs duties, as well as free repatriation of capital and profit in any currency. Companies set up in DOZ enjoy an environment that attracts different elements of the value chain from Banking and Finance, Insurance, IT, Legal to Airlines and Hospitality.

Key Benefits of Dubai Outsource Zone
  • 100 per cent exemption from personal income tax for 50 years
  • 100 per cent exemption from corporate taxes for 50 years
  • 100 per cent foreign ownership
  • 100 per cent repatriation of profits
  • Telecom and Internet Services
  • Data Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Health, Security and Safety Services
  • Metro Ethernet environment
  • Dynamic international community
  • Opportunities for business interaction and networking
  • Opportunities for channel and market development
  • Communications infrastructure based on next-generation technologies
  • Digital voice and high-speed data services offered at competitive rates
Du, Emirates Airlines, L&T Infotech, HCL Technologies, Jumeirah Group, Arab Bank and Intelenet are just some of the companies that serve the Middle East and beyond from offices in DOZ.Dubai Outsource Zone continues to work with our business partners to review our development plan to meet their growth plans in this region. As one of the members of 11 TECOM Business Parks, we also have full access to the real estate products in other business parks.


Dubai's central location and cosmopolitan lifestyle is attractive not only to companies but to talents in the region as well. This is evidenced by the fact that expatriates outnumber the local population by a large margin.

With a vast majority of the population fluent in English, this multicultural multilingual population is a huge advantage for many off shoring companies.

Business At its best

Ranked as one of the most advanced cities in the world and the most wired in the region, Dubai offers state-of-the-art information and communication technology.

At Dubai Outsource Zone, all these technologies are combined in a custom-made infrastructure that includes next-generation telecom, office space in intelligent buildings as well as facilities management to help providers set up efficiently and immediately.

Telecom Services
- Reliable High-Bandwidth
- Connectivity
- IP Telephony
- Automatic Call Distribution
- Interactive Voice Response
- Predictive Dialing Systems
- Satellite Communications Services
- Technical Support

DOZ also offers a one-stop shop of administrative services that will handle all documentary requirements so providers can focus on the business at hand.
- Incorporation and Licensing
- Recruitment Services
- Immigration Services
- Office Space
- Events and Hospitality
- Call Centre Technology
- Internet Services
- Satellite Communication
- Hosting and Security
- Land Lease
- Affordable On-Site Housing
- Business Centre (First Steps)
- Plug and Play Centre
- Research Centre
- Centre of Excellence

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